Special applications

Years of experience together with modern technical background at the highest level enables us to realize, beside standard system, also very specific applications and perform installations tailored to the specific needs of the most demanding customers.

Selection of special applications:

  • Hanyš Extensions
  • Winches
  • Pumps
  • Piston rods
  • Reserve tippers hidden in the cab
  • Pushing and pulling hitches
  • Fire-extinguishers placed on the cabs

Wider range of our activities and provided services is captured in following photo gallery.

Mobile pumping technology M3

Mobile pumping equipment M3 has got the construction with diesel single cylinder engine via the clutch, gearbox to the pump M3 to asphalts, heavy oils and others. Mobile pumping equipment M3 is able to pump up to 820 l/min of pumped product with excess pressure 7 bar.

You can find technical prospectus of pumping equipment M3 in the annex.

Ing. Dan Pertlík

Ing. Dan Pertlík

company executive,
compressor and pumping technology
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