ALFIMEX s.r.o.: tradition and quality since 1994


We are extensional company which engages in special installations of working systems into utility equipment of all marks and types. We are focused on compressor systems, pumping and hydraulic technology and extensions and repairs of utility cars.

Using the latest technologies, ALFIMEX addresses comprehensively the essential shipper´s requirement – quickly, safely, in high quality and comfortably make the transportation of goods possible from seller to buyer. We provide sale, distribution, service support and mobile service for the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the spare parts supplies to business partners from Poland and Hungary.

We represent the following brands: Bezares, Blackmer, Mouvex, PSG, Gardner Denver, Syltone, Drum, Demag Wittig, GHH, Webster, Emco Wheaton, Alfons Haar, +GF+, Parker, SILGON – Gondrom, Sherlog – Secar, Hiab, compressors Hori, pumping technology Sonnek, Tsurumi, suction dredgers Amphitec, 3plus1 Service.

We offer spare parts for tank trucks of marks: Magyar, Spitzer, Feldbinder, Maisonneuve, Parcisa.

What do we offer?

  • Compressor, hydraulic and pumping systems of cistern containers
  • PTO of gearboxes
  • Sources for walking floors – Walking Floor semitrailers
  • Hydraulics of propulsive systems and tilting
  • Additional fuel tanks
  • Valves
  • Fittings
  • Hydraulic hoses and material hoses – product, including hot air from compressors for pneu-transport of materials
  • Compressed air coolers for pneu-transport and oil coolers
  • Repairs of cistern containers
  • Compressors for food, chemical materials, loose substances
  • Hydraulic systems of tilting
  • Repairs and service
  • Welding stainless steel and aluminium and tanks repair (shortening)
  • Electronic of search system Sherlog
  • Delivery, service and revision of hydraulic jacks e.g. HIAB, hydraulic arms
  • Truck´s turntables +GF+ and JOST
  • Sale of diesel oil, oils and lubricants
  • Locksmith´s works
  • Sale of hydraulic oil
  • Stainless steel and plastic storage boxes – refrigerators of utility cars
  • Pumps UNIBLOC – washing and degreasing of utility cars
  • Compressors and hydraulic systems hire
  • Service of suction dredgers and suction sewerage equipment
  • Hydraulic systems – jacks and their revisions
  • Repairs of harvester, forestry and woodworking technology
  • Transfer of technology (insured brands of type A + toll charges)
  • Training of operators and drivers of tank kits

The logo of ALFIMEX Company in 3D