Screw and rotary vane compressors GHH RAND

In our supply, you can find screw and sliding vane compressors GHH RAND that we deliver and service. The GHH RAND Company´s products include e.g. performance top class screw compressor CS1200, which is installed into the vehicle frame just behind the gearbox and it can also be supplied to the Chassis 6x2 etc. Producer GHH RAND also produces rotary vane compressors for containers of liquid.

Exchanges of compressors

We provide replacement of old or damaged compressors for the factory refurbished, and at very keenly prices.  We supply compressors also to the packet design installed in previous years, including the reinstallations in case of replacement of chassis or after accident of vehicle without damage of the compressor. We also procure sale of vehicles after the compressor dismantle.

Jiří Vrbovec

Jiří Vrbovec

sales manager, compressors
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