History of ALFIMEX Company

The company ALFIMEX s.r.o. originated in 2004. But like any other company, we also have been starting somehow...

Working beginnings

The foundations of activities of professional and special extensions of utility vehicles were laid in our company in 1994 when company DRUM International Ltd. began to sell compressor technology to trucks of cement cistern containers in the Czech Republic via its representation - organizational component, which means us.

At that time, a team of sales and service workers was established and went through training and practice of factory workers of compressor and pumping technology DRUM. After several years of activity and good sales results, we got confidence and promoted to the highest structure of sales representation of joint-stock group SYLTONE. Here the possibilities of sale ad service got wider concerning new products such as WEBSTER, Emco Wheaton, Perolo, AirDrives, SAM system etc.

Company changes

In 2001, organizational and economic changes arouse in business structure of SYLTONE which meant departure of many employees - even the whole teams of some European branches. The whole sales and service department went over to employment relationship of the company Alfons Haar Hamburg because this company was the closest to the work and product range of the previous business representation. Sales and service department HAAR CZ Ltd. carried out necessary service of installations of all older marks of compressors for their clients as a moral business commitment of the past and at the same time new products were sold - products in the form of BEZARES hydraulics and compressor line Cmax, Vmax and Emax.

It was occurred a split to original direct business representation and an independent centre of compressor and hydraulic technology because of production expanding (casts, machine products and other liquid systems) in Haar CZ in 2004. Sales, administrative and service part of employees of compressor and hydraulic technologies moved to a new service place under the name of company ALFIMEX s.r.o.

Genesis of ALFIMEX s.r.o.

Sales and service background of company ALFIMEX s.r.o. originated in the middle of 2004. It took care of the sales and servicing of both new compressors Alfons Haar and older ones e.g. DRUM. However the development till today was accompanied by many changes.

At the turn of the year 2005/06, ALFIMEX Company gained exclusivity to represent the factory BEZARES and thus confirmed the dominant position in the wholesale area with parts of hydraulic systems and their components for sale to other extensional companies. In that year, ALFIMEX Company also gained a significant share of sales and service of other brand – French producer BLACKMER MOUVEX – and also gained license for performing installations of the security and search electronic device SHERLOG in commercial machines and buses.

By its extensive and significant supply, the company was meeting clients' requirements for the additional installations of fuel tanks mainly for foreign transport containers and other utility equipment. Now, ALFIMEX still offers repairs and modifications of utility vehicles, containers and their extensions, as well as e.g. welding aluminium and stainless steel, all systems of hydraulic tipping, walking floor of semitrailers, tipping of silo-tankers and electro tipping and pressed air cooling. ALFIMEX offers to carried services exclusive sale of pipe fittings of main German large-scale supplier, the SILGON Gondrom Company, like fitting connectors, valves, material, chemical and compressor hoses and gasket in the entire range of products at wide choice.

New business and service representatives in Slovakia

In 2018, a new subsidiary of ALFIMEX s.r.o. was established in Malacky, Slovakia.

An independent legal entity was established to meet the needs of the growing Slovak, eventually Austrian and Hungarian clientele. The new company provides service, warranty and post-warranty services.

The new company was established including all administrative steps in May 2018, fully operational in June 2018.

An experienced team of mechanics, who since 2000 has been cooperating with the Czech company ALFIMEX, has become a basic employee of the Slovak ALFIMEX and is ready to meet the demanding requirements of both existing and new customers.

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