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Oil free rotary vane compressor Vmax1

Technical specification of compressor Vmax1:

  • maximum excess pressure 2.5 bar
  • high range of performance 75 to 200 m3/h
  • revolution range 1000 - 1600 rev/min
  • flow of released material from tank truck at excess pressure of 2 bar up to 850 l/min or 730 l/min at excess pressure of 2.5 bar
  • unique protection of side covers against moisture penetration
  • rotor from stainless steel
  • proportion performance/weight = 4,5 m3/kg

Oil free screw compressor Cmax2

Cmax is the last generation of the oil free screw compressors intended for pneu-transport of loose materials. Cmax2 B can be mounted on both sides of car frame with direct drive from transmission with the help of cardan shaft. It can also be installed with an acoustic cover. The construction of B-Box arm allows flexibility during assembling into the vehicle.

Oil free screw compressor Cmax3

Unique characteristics of oil free compressor Cmax3:

  • low weight,
  • high performance,
  • low temperature on outlet,
  • optimal dimensions.

Oil free and contactless compressor Emax2

Unique characteristics of oil free and contactless compressor Emax2:

  • a simple design,
  • simple and cost effective installation,
  • direct prop shaft drive,
  • reversible rotation for drives,
  • very short discharging time of silos when pneu-transport of loose materials,
  • clean air, free of any contamination,
  • undemanding maintenance and service,
  • a robust construction of machine guaranteeing trouble-free operation,
  • a low-speed drive is more advantageous in consideration of durability,
  • low noise levels and low noise frequency,
  • real compressor performance 260 to 490 m3/h and pulsating source of air enables excellent aerating qualities when pneu-transport of loose materials,
  • working excess pressure 2 bar.

Electronically controlled safety valve Orva/Ess

Unique characteristics of electronically controlled safety valve Orva/Ess providing electric compressor protection.

  • ORVA 2e + ESS have already been the latest solutions for the overall compressor protection developed specifically for the compressor Cmax3.
  • ORVA 1: Retrograde valve.
  • ORVA 2: Retrograde valve with safety valve.
  • ORVA 2e: Retrograde valve with electronically controlled safety valve.
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