Certificates and authorizations

We work with the best welding technology MIG/TIG in a protective atmosphere of noble technical gases. We use installation materials such as stainless solid weldable steel, aluminium and compressed air cooling for pressure piping etc. Many mechanics have experience from previous practice in service stations of renowned car brands and so they apply gained experience and skills even in this heavy utility technology.

During installations we use quality components and tools of producers who declare certification of ISO production quality and other certificates. By regular training of technicians, we ensure immediate introduction of new technologies, procedures, manuals and activities into service practice. Even the change of a detail in a functioning system can bring a big mistake and we try to avoid it by continuous checks of service procedures and individual used parts.

In 2010, service of ALFIMEX Company was obtained the certification of welders for the repairs of stainless steel pressure vessels according to standard EN 287-1 and certification WPQR Inspection Certificate (approved welding procedure).

In 2016, employees of ALFIMEX Company attended technical seminar "Welding of stainless steels and aluminium materials", organized by joint-stock company Linde Gas.

In 2017 the selected employees of the Alfimex company attended a Qualifying exam of the fusion welding and they have obtained the relevant certificate of standard ČSN EN ISO 9606-1:2004.